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MMA Fitness Level 1 & 2

Boxing | Kickboxing | MMA Pad Training



Learn how to structure and instruct Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA Pad Sessions to groups and individuals with Australia's first nationally accredited MMA course.

MMA Fitness shows you how to create addictive and high octane training sessions that work the whole body using MMA inspired training moves - all without the contact and 'throw-downs' that you see in the Octagon. This course is designed to make the dynamic pad training used by MMA fighters accessible to the general fitness public.


  • Fitness Australia | 8 CECs per level = 16 CECs for completing both days
  • Qualifications for Pad Training Insurance


  •  There are NO pre-requisites to enroll in MMA Fitness Level 1, however you need to complete Level 1 prior to undertaking Level 2
  • Whilst you do not have to have your fitness or martial arts qualifications to complete our courses, we strongly recommend you have these in place, together with insurance, prior to teaching others
  • NOTE: you can complete these levels separately, or over the one training weekend.  Level 1 will provide you with the fundamental skills to start teaching Pad Sessions & Classes.  Level 2 will enhance your teaching skills and provide you with additional techniques to add to your toolkit.


  • NEW to Pad Training - you will learn all the basics of safety, session planning, effective coaching and delivery to give you confidence to teach Pad Sessions in Boxing, Kickboxing or MMA
  • EXPERIENCED in Pad Training - you will learn how to incorporate MMA movements with your current technique base to provide additional variety, intensity and challenge


  • MMA Fitness Level 1 is designed for Focus Pads and Gloves - so you do not need to purchase any special equipment to offer MMA style training at your club or business.
  • MMA Fitness Level 2 additionally introduces a standard Kick-shield for kicks, conditioning and 'ground' work.  ALL of the ground techniques you learn on the Kick-shield can be performed on grapple dummies or throw-down bags if your club has these already.


  • Safe Pad Training Basics:
    • Using Focus Pads and Kick-shields - no special equipment required to introduce MMA to your clients and classes!
  • Hand & Leg Strikes from Kickboxing & Thai Boxing PLUS MMA Moves:
    • Jabs, Hooks, Uppercuts and more
    • Modified MMA moves such as sprawl, ground & pound, breakfall & knee ride - based on MMA but focused on fitness
    • MMA specific conditioning drills including ground drills & core work
  • Prep & Coaching Skills, incl:
    • Effective pairing in group classes
    • Managing odd numbers
    • Intensity variations for different fitness levels
    • Bringing moves together in sessions
    • Choosing the right BLITZ drills in class


  • 2 days of tuition on the fundamentals of MMA Pad Training
  • Qualifications as an MMA Fitness Qualified Trainer
  • Comprehensive manuals for each level with EVERY technique photographed & described step-by-step for post-course recall
  • MMA Wraps
  • 6 fully structured session plans with over 60 core combinations to get you started with your delivery
  • ACCESS to discounted equipment & MMA Merchandise
  • OPTION to join the MMA Fitness Affiliate Program - branding your MMA Pad Sessions 'MMA Fitness', discounted training, 24/7 coaching & technique HELP from the MMA Fitness TEAM, session plans, access to professional marketing material to promote your sessions, access to MMA Fitness online platforms for your business - all for a small annual fee


"Was awesome!  Definitely using at my bootcamps & the studio I work at!!  Nice work guys."

Toby Palandri-Jones - Pride PT - WA

"I have enjoyed todays workshop.  Very informative - I now have the expertise to take participants to the next level.  Thank you."

Mary-Kay Moynihan - Goodlife Health Clubs - QLD

"Extremely professional delivery by instructor - very clear & precise, helpful, felt at ease.  Will help a lot with my PT business."

Peter Fraser - VIC

"The best course and totally worth every penny." 

Kosta Tripodi - SA

"Fantastic session.  With the growing interest in mixed martial arts and UFC, there is no doubt that these techniques will offer my clients something much more interesting and more unique than the standard boxing format." 

Sasha Kolarovich - SA

"Top stuff.  Useful straight away, extreme amount of diversity."

Chris Dufey - Fitness First - NSW

"Informative, hands on, physically challenging yet I can walk away empowered and with a smile.  A course well worth it."

Tejoura Inbaseelan - WA

"MMA Fitness Lvl 2 built on what we had learnt in Lvl 1... techniques learnt here will definately be an addition to my clients programs.  Time for a bucket blitz!!"

Timmy Duong - VIC

"With the direction & speed of progression of martial arts based training in the industry, this course is a must."

Sharyn Sue See - GO Health Clubs - Les Mills Trainer - QLD

"The MMA Fitness course is packed with useful techniques that can be added to boxing with clients or groups, or used alone for a total body workout that is forward and innovative."

Nathan Yee - Personal Trainer - VIC

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