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MMA Bootcamps | Top 5 Stations


Keeping clients and participants coming back week in week out is easier when you provide variety in your workouts.  Here are our Top 5 Stations for MMA inspired training that won't cost a fortune to set-up:

Fill & Carry

EQUIPMENT: old containers are the perfect challenge for MMA warriors, simply fill with water or sand to the desired weight and they are ready to go.  1 litre of water is equal to 1kg.  Depending on the fitness of your group, create 10-30kg versions by varying how much you fill these with.

STATION: depending on the size of your group - 

  • Small Group: each person picks up one container in each hand and walks it a designated distance as quickly as possible OR as far as possible over a set period of time
  • Large Group: split into teams of 4, 2 people on each side of a 3 meter channel.  Person one carries thecontainer across the channel to person two.  Person two carries it back to person three.  Person three carries it back to person four - and so forth until time is up.
WORKS: grip strength, overall body strength & endurance

Lift & Flip

EQUIPMENT: old tyres.  You can select from car, truck or super heavy tracker or machinery tyres.

STATION: line the tyres up, then lift & flip across a set distance.  For larger groups 1 person can flip there, the 2nd person flip it back - both motivating each other.

WORKS: leg strength & explosive power

Tyre Sledge

EQUIPMENT: tyres and a sledge hammer.  Larger tyres from farming equipment can accommodate 2-3 people per tyre.

STATION: working with a timer in one of two ways - 
  • set a time and complete as many sledges as possible in the set time
  • set a sledge number and see how quickly they can be completed
WORKS: grip strength, core strength, endurance

Tie & Pull

EQUIPMENT: rope & old containers.  Containers can be filled with water or sand to create additional weight to move.  Tie one, two or more containers together in a bundle with a long THICK rope (at least 1 metre).

STATION: depending on the thickness of your rope there are 2 ways to pull the containers behind you - 
  • thicker ropes can be anchored around your waist and dragged across a distance
  • thinner ropes can be pulled by hand across the same distance - any bumps in the road just add to the challenge!
WORKS: leg strength, overall strength & endurance

Sprawl & Sit-thru


STATION: complete 1 x sprawl + 10 x sit-thru then run there & back (you define the distance).  Repeat  until time is up

WORKS: whole body, especially core and overall endurance

MMA bootcamps are gaining momentum in the USA, and are trickling into Australia as a way of offering MMA training to all #UrbanAthlete (s).  Here are some additional tips to make this style of camp successful in your business:

  • SHOUT IT OUT | let people know you are running an MMA Bootcamp.  Straight away you have a point of difference from all the other bootcamps out there and will appeal to the bootcamp crowd and what may be your new MMA crowd who want to train MMA and not necessarily just plain old bootcamps.
  • HAVE AN HONOUR BOARD | create a whiteboard or honour board where people in different bootcamps can compete against each other on time or repetitions.  This is an easy way to motivate those that love to beat the competition.
  • TIE IT IN | obstacle racing is extremely popular at the moment and your MMA Bootcampers can definately represent - the skills are transferable AND it provides a purpose for their training for the days that they just don't feel like it.
Want to learn more about MMA specific programming?  Join us at the FILEX Fitness Convention in Melbourne this April for our lecture session "Programming for MMA Fitness" - Saturday at 3.15pm.  See you there!

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MMA Bootcamps | Top 5 Stations

Keeping clients and participants coming back week in week out is easier when you provide variety in your workouts. Here are our Top 5 Sta..
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